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London Mistress Faronda

Sensual Ebony Mistress - Luxury BBW Elite

Manchester & London

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1.Mistress, will you session my friend and myself?

No. Not at the moment. I will only session one sub at a time so you can feel my powerful presence.


2.What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is by email; however you can call me on the phone. I do not take kindly or lightly to time wasters who try to call with blocked number or text.  


3.Mistress, is that really you in the photographs?

Yes! All the photos you see on my website are of myself.


4.Mistress, do you session women?

Not at the moment but I may consider it in the future.


5.Mistress, can i bring you a gift?

Yes, why not? I do welcome gifts and you can have a look at my gift page to give you an idea as to what you can bring to me.


6.Mistress, do you provide personal service?

No. I do not engage in sexual intercourse.


7.Mistress, can I take you on a date?

Dinner dates are currently reserved for established sub.

I am a sensual mistress and I choose not to do dungeons.